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The energy and power plant experts

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welcome to EEG GmbH

EEG GmbH acts as a manufacturer, supplier, and independent planning and consulting Company. Our employees come with decades of experience in the field of power plant design. Energy Engineering Germany GmbH (shortened to EEG GmbH) plans for utility companies , municipal utilities , communities , suppliers , investors and advises customers in the construction, operation and maintenance of power stations . EEG GmbH is a start-up company with its roots in AEG Energietechnik. Many of our employees have been working for more than 20 years in the energy sector . With permanent training courses our employees are kept up to date to meet the highest demands of our customers .


Planning / consulting in natural gas, biogas and biomass

  • Repowering of existing plants more »

  • Financing Support more »

  • Planning services for / with Partner s(mech, elec.)

  • Planning / Consulting in natural gas, biogas and biomass area management

  • support Commissioning Service Here activities of pure start-up

  • Owners Engineer

  • commissioning supervision (supervision)

  • EPCM

  • Package engineering (e.g. gas engine supplier)

  • Operator Service

  • Project Management

  • Fuel procurement Support

  • Product development more »


The roots of EEG GmbH date back to AEG . In 1982, the energy department for cogeneration plants in Bremen was founded . As a market leader in this area several employees from this time are working for EEG GmbH today. In 1998 AEG T & D was acquired by the French state-owned ALSTOM T & D . In 2004 the company was transferred to the state-owned AREVA Group . In 2015 the AREVA Group decided to withdraw from the renewable energy sector in Europe. After this decision Dieter Reineke , Carsten Hacheney , and Carsten Lange decided to form their own business, and to give experienced staff a new job . From this arose the present EEG GmbH .

Our past accumulated experience: of power plants for biogas , biomass and natural gas applications are today located at a new location in Sottrum . The team has been involved in the implementation of more than 150 projects, comprising natural gas, biomass and biogas plants and heat and power plants. In all these projects, we were involved as a general contractor and have worked on all key stages from planning and project management to commissioning and handover, and ensuring completeness in the scope of supply. Please feel free to contact us and we will then match your project with the references that we have worked on. As our references have been developed by the predecessor companies mentioned above, we can provide no list to you here. Please find here an example of a biomass plant where our personnel were involved in the project execution. By clicking on the image a 360 ° tour of a biomass power plant is started.

The energy and power plant experts

The energy and power plant experts

About us

Carsten Lange

  • Co-founder and partner of EEG Energy Engineering Germany GmbH
  • Long years of experience in sales, marketing, planning and construction of power plants
  • Until 2015, head of new Technology projects and products in the renewable energy field of AREVA

Dieter Reineke

  • Co-founder and partner of EEG Energy Engineering Germany GmbH
  • Long years of experience at AREVA Group in sales and marketing
  • Former head of Sales for biogas and natural gas applications at AREVA

Carsten Hachney

  • Co-founder and partner of EEG Energy Engineering Germany GmbH
  • Long years of experience at AREVA Group in engineering and project management
  • Former head of engineering at AREVA
  • Energy management auditor (TÜV)


The EEG Energy Engineering Germany GmbH got the TÜV certificate for doing energy audits in professional manner for our clients. If as well your company has to do a audit according to ISO 50001 + DIN EN 16247, please talk to us and we will help. you accordingly.